Team: Cari Gill

Vice President, Asset Management

As Vice President of Asset Management for Casoro Group, Cari leads the implementation and execution of strategies, programs, policies, and initiatives for the asset management of the company’s multifamily portfolio. Cari is responsible for formulating the business plan for each assigned multi-family development comprising the portfolio by establishing revenue, expense, NOI and other key financial and operating targets, developing the annual capital and operating budgets, and formulating strategies that drive operations and financial performance of the portfolio. Cari manages and oversees the portfolio’s compliance with established debt and equity providers, develops and provides reports to the investment principals and equity partners, monitors factors impacting the performance of the multi-family portfolio, prepares and delivers presentations and updates to investment principal/investment committee, and participates in formulating the long-term disposition and exit strategy for the assets.

Prior to joining Casoro, Cari held a variety of development, compliance, and asset management positions in the government and private sectors. Cari began her career in multifamily housing as an underwriter for the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs where she had the opportunity to underwrite complex financial transactions involving tax credit equity and affordable direct loan programs offered by the organization. She was quickly promoted into leadership positions within the State Agency and in 2013 played an integral part in establishing the Asset Management Division of the agency. Over her career she has worked on almost all “sides of the table” in multifamily housing including property management/compliance, non-profit bond issuance, consulting/development, and asset management/compliance at the equity investor level.  

Cari holds a BA in Social Work and an MBA from St. Edward’s University and has obtained various industry certifications including Housing Credit Certified Professional (HCCP), Certified Occupancy Specialist (COS), and Accredited Residential Manager (ARM). 

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