Team: Monte K. Lee-Wen

Founder and Chairman

About Monte

Monte Lee-Wen is the Founder and Chairman of the Board of Casoro Group. Monte champions a unique investment philosophy which involves evaluating and taking advantage of opportunities where superior risk-adjusted returns can be realized. This approach has allowed the company to earn tremendous returns on investments.

Monte effectively combines his investment experience and philosophy with the creative talent required to renovate and reposition properties for success. He has an extensive knowledge of property assessment and transaction due diligence that further contributes to his winning track record and continued triumphs in the real estate investment sphere.

In 2003, Monte and his wife, Nalie, formed The PPA Group in Seattle, Washington. In April of 2019, The PPA Group merged with Casoro Capital to become Casoro Group. The multifamily real estate investment company is now headquartered in Austin, Texas and serves as a holding company for the Casoro Group family of companies, including CLEAR Property Management, Performance Utilities and Billing, Ingenium Construction, and Upside Avenue, a privately-held multifamily real estate REIT.

Having started and run several companies since the mid-1990s, Monte is a seasoned entrepreneur with a vested interest in supporting new business enterprises. He is heavily involved in board positions and guidance committees of many private and public initiatives nationwide and is also an active member of the Austin chapter of the World Entrepreneur’s Organization.

Monte has been publicly recognized for his leadership and achievement in the field of real estate investment as a recipient of the Austin 40 Under 40 Award.

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