Better homes for better lives.

Casoro Group, formerly The PPA Group, is an award-winning vertically-integrated multifamily real estate investment firm. Our commitment is to provide better homes for better lives. By updating and improving multifamily communities, we improve the quality of life for our residents and the quality of returns for our investors.

Our Expertise is Evident

Casoro Group is made up of more than 100 team members who are industry experts, each with decades of multifamily real estate investment and operational experience. One key feature is our in-house marketing team which leverages its deep market knowledge and multifamily experience to provide an extra layer of perspective for acquisitions team members in developing effective business plans. Our team also lends their expertise to provide leading-edge marketing campaigns that position each asset at the top of its class, both online and offline.

Specific Standards for Maximum Returns

Casoro Group specializes in acquiring and managing value-add multifamily properties in the sunbelt region of the United States. We are experienced with new developments, renovations, recaps, and repositioning of apartment communities, student housing, and senior-living communities.


A Strong Track Record

Our custom approach unlocks value and creates attractive, efficient, and income-producing multifamily real estate investments. To date, we have conducted more than $1 billion in real estate transactions.

We provide investment opportunities through discretionary investment funds, joint-venture partnerships, 1031 exchanges, and self-directed retirement accounts. We also provide passive investing opportunities through our REIT, Upside Avenue, which allows all investors to benefit from the private real estate market for as little as $2,000.

Historical Returns

Something big is happening.

A new product that allows everyone to invest in multifamily
real estate for as little as $2,000.

  1. Real Estate Alert – Prices for Apartments, REIT Stocks Diverge

    A wide gap has opened between the prices investors are paying for multi-family properties and the valuations that REIT-stock buyers are putting on the sector.  Since the coronavirus pandemic shook up the U.S. economy in March, share values in the public markets have reflected a gloomy view of asset values. Meanwhile, while property transactions have…

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  2. Inequality and Our Company

    As inequality and racism are prevalent in our nation, they are contrary to our vision to provide Better Homes for Better Lives. As a proud minority-owned company, we champion diversity, inclusivity, and equality. We continue our commitment to care, to be bold, and to be teachable by contributing to real change as we listen, learn,…

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