Our Capabilities

Talent and financial acumen are the foundation of Casoro Group. Our investment team has more than 100 years combined experience in multifamily real estate acquisitions and asset management. Our deep expertise in the areas that matter most to investors means we add value and capture the upside.

Acquisitions Strategy

Casoro Group takes a conservative approach to investing. Opportunities should, first and foremost, have a justifiable return on investment. Our Acquisitions team is made up of industry experts who are skilled in identifying and negotiating multifamily acquisitions throughout the U.S. Sunbelt region.

Strict Standards Drive our Success

We are constantly expanding our portfolio of conventional multifamily properties that meet the following criteria:

  • Properties built in 1990, or newer
  • 175+ units; portfolios preferred
  • Located in knowledge worker markets in the US Sunbelt region

Crunching Numbers to Determine

Our strategy is supported by a solid due diligence process. Once our team identifies opportunities that match our strict criteria, acquisitions undergo a thorough investigative process that ensures properties will perform according to our investment strategy. Our underwriting assumptions consider key elements, such as:

  • Rent growth
  • Market Fundamentals
  • Property tax reevaluations
  • Amount of Capex (value-add or construction) involved and corresponding Yield on Cost
  • Investment period (typically 3-5 years)
  • Exit Cap Rates, and more

Multiple Ways to Invest

We provide investment opportunities through discretionary investment funds, joint-venture partnerships, 1031 exchanges, and self-directed retirement accounts. We typically incorporate a three to seven year holding period and target double-digit, risk-adjusted IRRs.

Asset Management

Experts in Multifamily

Casoro Group is a team of industry veterans who understand the unique factors that determine success within the multifamily real estate market. Our Asset Management division has demonstrable success in tracking asset performance and investment returns with a total transaction amount of $1 billion of real estate.

Maximizing Asset Value

Our vertically-integrated platform allows us to generate value by maximizing operational cash flow through our property management, construction, and utilities billing subsidiaries to ensure all properties are operating at their fullest potential. Our approach provides a comprehensive analysis of end-to-end asset lifecycle in developing strategic business plans for each property. We empower our asset management team to make independent decisions and provide objective monitoring of our assets to ensure investment strategies deliver on the expected pattern of performance.

How We Do It

Our asset management services include:

  • Regular and timely financial reporting
  • Oversee and direct operational and financial performance of each investment
  • Implementing cash management strategies
  • Replacement reserve, renovation reserve and cash management
  • Quarterly distributions
  • Review and distribution of annual tax information to partners
  • Lender relationship management
  • Mortgage compliance
  • Track and implement refinance, supplemental loan opportunities to align with asset strategy and increase value
  • Investor relations
  • Oversee renovation project management
  • Approve and oversee major capital expenditure projects
  • Creating and improving processes and procedures to gauge the performance of property management and all service providers
  • Assessing the macroeconomic and submarket market conditions to maximize operational asset performance
  • Portfolio risk management
  • Disposition analysis, market assessments, market and closing of asset
  • Property tax valuation protest and appeals
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Other Capabilities

Rounding out our fully integrated suite of real estate capabilities are four full-service subsidiaries of Casoro Group. Explore them below.


Providing better homes for better lives.

With more than a decade of management services operating independently, as well as jointly with Casoro Group, we have established a strong reputation for high-quality, people-first property management.

CLEAR Property Management launched in 2008 as a privately held subsidiary of Casoro Group. Click the logo below to go straight to the CLEAR website.

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Preserving the asset, protecting the investment.

Our property maintenance and project management groups play a key role in safeguarding and improving assets through consultations, due diligence and capital planning.

Ingenium is the construction subsidiary of Casoro Group. Click below to go straight to the Ingenium website.

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Utility Billing &

A full range of utility services.

Every multifamily community is unique; that’s why Performance Utility Management and Billing provides a full range of customizable utility services for clients’ ever-changing needs.

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Upside Avenue REIT

Multifamily investing for everyone.

Upside Avenue gives retail investors access and opportunity to invest in institutional-quality real estate alongside the world’s wealthiest investors and institutions for as little as $2,000.

Click below to go straight to the Upside Avenue website.

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Onyx Impact Fund

Investments that do good.

Onyx Impact Fund is a socially conscious fund that invests in knowledge worker real estate alongside minority-led sponsors and developers. The fund is attractive for institutional investors who desire market returns while making a better future for tomorrow.

Click below to go straight to the Onyx Impact Fund website.

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