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  1. Chief Strategy Officer, Joy Shoffler, shares her thoughts with FintekNews

    Casoro Capital’s Chief Strategy Officer, Joy Schoffler, shares her thoughts in the latest installment of the feature series FintekNews Celebrates Women In Fintech Read more here.

  2. Chief Strategy Officer, Joy Schoffler, shares her views with Finances Demystified

    Casoro Capital’s Chief Strategy Officer, Joy Schoffler, shares her views on real estate investing, REITs and building streams of passive income with Dominique Broadway of Finances Demystified. Listen to the podcast here.

  3. Women in Finance Are Clearing the Path for a New Generation

    As a regular contributor to several financial services publications, there are few opportunities to talk about my other favorite topic—my children! When asked by Media Planet to do an article for their Women in Finance insert, which was distributed through USA Today, I could not resist talking about how times are changing for our girls….

  4. Business Tips

    Our Chief Strategy Officer, Joy Schoffler, was recently featured on Medium for pop quiz Monday where she talks about culture, what inspires her, and shares business tips from real-world experiences you cannot learn in a classroom. Read more here.

  5. Casoro Capital’s leadership featured in Thomson Reuters Westlaw Journal

    As small-business lending continues to soar, Casoro Capital’s Principal, Monte Lee-Wen, and CEO, Yuen Yung, discuss when to take a loan and when to raise money online to maximize business returns.  Read Thomson Reuters Westlaw Journal

  6. How Millenials are Driving FinTech Innovation

    Historically, there are few industries which have been less inclusive to consumers than private equity and commercial real estate investing.  But now, companies like Casoro Capital and Upside Avenue have been attracting and retaining more customers through FinTech innovation.  Our Chief Strategy Officer, Joy Schoffler was recently featured in USA Today, The San Francisco Chronicle…

  7. Casoro Capital featured in Real Assets Adviser

    As the global population of high net worth investors continues to increase, investment club deals will also continue to proliferate and diversify. Casoro Capital’s Monte Lee-Wen and Joy Schoffler sat down with Real Assets Adviser about how investments in real assets through investment club deals are becoming more attractive because of expertise, relationships, and alignment of investor…

  8. Austin American Statesman – How Growing Up a Refugee Inspires Nalie Lee-Wen

    Nalie Lee-Wen was born in a world of conflict. The Vietnam War was ending. Her father, Cheng Yang, and many of the Hmong men in her village had helped the CIA navigate the terrain during the war, and they were left without protection. Her family wasn’t from Laos, where they had mostly lived. They weren’t…

  9. Upside Avenue REIT featured in New York Lifestyles Magazine

    With economic uncertainty abounding, Casoro Capital’s Chief Strategy Officer, Joy Schoffler, sat down with New York Lifestyles Magazine to share how multifamily REITs are helping investors hedge their bets. New York Lifestyles Magazine

  10. Multifamily named one of the REIT categories with the wind at their backs by U.S. News and World Report

    There was recently a great article in US News and World Report featuring our very our Yuen Yung of Casoro Capital sharing his views on the REIT market. US News and World Report: 8 REIT Categories with the Wind at their Backs

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